World of Astra

Game 7
A long and winding path...

Diving into the room of skeletons, the party helps Juriana and Trillian fight off their attackers. They realize that the undead are being led by a gnome in the back of the room, and attempt to go after him before he gets away. He flees out the back, and they pause long enough to heal before going after him.

In the next room, they find a large alter, again to Unis Mundi. Looking around, they find that the main statue in the back has been pushed aside, leading to a crudely carved tunnel leading upwards out the back of the Byway.

Heading up the tunnel, they find an hovel of a house, with a wizened old lady stirring a large stew pot. After some discussion with here, where she appears to be crazy, she asks them to gather a herb for her, known as the Moonlit Bough. They agree to this, before heading out into an old cave system. They pause for a long rest, before packing up and exploring a little.

Heading in the direction she indicated, they find an old, crystalline cavern, being mined out by large hob-goblins. After tense negotions, they are allowed access to back to the cavern, where there was a patch of Moonlit Bough found growing there. They return to the old lady and give it to her, and afterward she gives them three bottles of Thunder Scorpion Poison.

Looking around a little, they decide to look more for the other three memebers of Juri and Trillian’s team. Going down one path, they find an underground grave room, filled with bodies. The gnome is spotted in there, and weapons are drawn.

Game 6
Adventures in the Providence Byway

After leaving Timberdale, convincing Laurence and Horo to come with, the party heads east, push forward into the mountains. The weather settles on a cold fog that covers the mountain top, billowing mist. A day later, they come upon a checkpoint, covering the entrance into the Byway.

It seems that the Byway is currently closed, as there has been people going missing after a terrible thunderstorm a few days ago. The guards have sent a team in, and another adventuring group volunteered to go in and look around. They were stopping all traffic, so Laurence and Horo opted to stay outside while the others went in to look around.

Heading in, they find the main passage to be well lit and clean, with smaller doors open on each side. Looking through the first three, they find nothing, though in the fourth they find a group of women at a base camp of sorts. They introduce themselves as members of the Order of the Solar Lily, and had been passing through when they found their way blocked. The first women introduces herself as Trillian Wyndon, and explain that some of the guards seem to have gone missing.

A brief scuffle ensues at this point, as Sephira attempts to take Cherise, Trillian’s little manou pet. Another women, Juriana Cole, steps up, by Trillian waves her off. It is decided by the other party members that Juri must be the butch, and Sephira mentions that she is very open to alternative lifestyles.

They split up then, figuring they will cover more ground if they check the last passage while the Order finishes looking down this passage. Heading into the last hall, with Pariah throwing his lit stone down the hall trying to look further ahead, they stumble upon a man in a cloak.

The man saying nothing, and Sephira attempts to shake his hand, trying to wake him up. He attempts to throw her to the floor, while Drorock lights up more of the room. There is more people in there, also in cloaks. They attack the party.

A hail of arrows hit the party, while Sephira wades into the front two. They quickly find that these men are not, when most of the skin falls off of the first man, revealing that he is just a skeleton underneath. Taking them down, Ghesh notices that they seem to have a weakness to Radiant damage, Sephira finds that everything dies to lightning, Pariah uses Shield for the first time, saving him from death by arrows, and Drorock gains his first kill by laughing at it.

After the battle, they decide that the Order had a good idea, and Drorock uses a make camp ritual. While clearing away the skeletons, they find a pair of Goblin Stomper boots, which Sephira takes. They take a short rest, then move on, figuring that this could be their retreat point if things get bad.

Moving forward, they descend into a catacombs, of sorts. They find hundreds of bodies, nothing more then skeletons and bits of cloth, slotted away in room after room of wall cut burial rooms. Pressing onward, they find the missing guards, who seem trapped in one room, yelling and swinging at things the party can’t see. As the party comes in, the leader yells, and the men go after them.

After the first one drops, something strange happens. As each man goes down, four giggling wisps of light appear, intent on draining the energy out of the party. The battle gets hectic as the true enemy becomes clear. Ghesh manages to strike down the leader in one climactic critical hit, while the other three busy themselves with making sure the wisps don’t get out of hand. Pariah summons his Fire Warrior, which busies itself with clearing the room, while Drorock wades into the middle, trying to prevent the man from bleeding to death. They had decided that the man was unto Poland, of great battles past.

After a hectic battle, they finally clear the room, and the man is restored to his senses. They question him closely, attempting to find what happened down here. He didn’t remember much, only that they had followed what few leads they had, and eventually made their way deep inside the catacombs. They soon got lost, loosing their torches and being chased by small laughing voices. He then remembered waking up, on the floor, with Ghesh above him.

They sent him back to the base camp, assuring him that they would investigate what was going on down here. Moving into the last room, they found two large Elven status, one of a women in plate with a sword raised, and the other a man in clerical robes holding the symbol of Unis Mundi aloft. This was presumable their tomb, though of how old it was difficult to say.

Attempting to pass through, Pariah found the way was blocked by a force wall, which resisted all attempts to break through. After searching around, Sephira remembered enough of her history to read the plaques on the statues, which mentioned that the two elves were supposedly keepers of secrets under the Lady of the Celestial Wind. Finding a loose stone, they pried it up and found a switch, which dropped the force wall long enough for them to slip through.

On the other side, they found an alter set up, also for Unis Mundi, where Sephira found a pair of Hedge Wizards Gloves tucked away in a box, hidden from the wear of time. Pushing past the alter room, they heard the sounds of battle, and rushed to follow.

They found Trillian and Juriana, being mobbed from all sides by a horde of skeletons. The other Order members where no where to be seen.

Game 5

Clearing the room with the Wormpriest and his followers, the party moves onto what appears to be a kitchen area. Sephira once again bursts inward, finding that there is no fluffy things to cuddle with once again. She does, however, find a number of kobolds who are annoyed that she has interrupted their meals.

Moving the engage the room of hungry eaters, Ghesh moved in to flame most of the minor kobolds quickly. Sephira moved to take on the Kobold butcher, while Pariah moved to open the cell doors and release the prisoners that they found locked into the south end of the room. The Butcher got in a couple good hits, as did the guards that fought Ghesh, while on minor kobold stabbed Pariah in the side with a fork. They went down quickly, though, allowing the party to release Drorock Copperbrew and the two town guards that they had been looking for. Along the way, Sephira upgraded her sword, gaining the Brutal 1 property from the butcher’s cleaver.

Drorock was happy to be freed, and vowed to help the party with revenge, while the two guards were just happy to not be grilled for information any longer. Sephira volunteered to help escort the guards back to town while the other three moved on, looking for the ‘Mistress’ that the priest had mentioned earlier.

Moving deeper, they found that the hallways had been cloaked in shadow, though the torches had been recently put out and were still smoking, probably from the one kobold who had gotten away earlier. They moved on, with Pariah providing a magical light, and eventually found the storage rooms, where they confused and then quickly subdued two guards. They found food and some potions inside.

Meanwhile, Sephira walked to two town guards out, where the man Henry was greeted by his wife, Rebeca. They had a tearful reunion, while Sephira was given a bowl of soup in thanks and purchased a drink for Ghesh. On the way back to the cave, she had a peaceful moment chasing a butterfly, relaxing and regaining a daily power.

The rest of the party moved deeper in, and found the room where the mistress of the kobolds was. They heard the noises of a kobold yelling about intruders, then was abruptly cut off by being eaten. Entering the room, they were confronted by a young white dragon, who told her followers to dispose of the intruders. This started a climatic battle, where Ghesh confronted one of the dragons stronger, two blade using fighters, while the other two dealt with minions. The dragon herself soon entered the fray, and quickly knocked both Pariah and Drorock into low health with a combination of vicious claw attacks and a pair of well timed breath attacks.

The party was looking grim, when Sephira rejoined, coming in and swinging the tide of battle drastically. The dragon was taken down, along with most of her followers, in a couple of tense turns, with only one of the Slyblades managed to get away. The threat to the city defeated, the party gathered the hoard of silver the dragon had amassed, collected a diamond for each of them, and found a wand for Pariah and a healer’s axe for Ghesh.

Heading back to town, they returned the loot for some extra exp, was given the first modification from the local blacksmith (White Dragon Fang, which gives +1 Cold damage), and gained there first title, “Dragon Slayer”, which only Drorock and Pariah accepted. They also parted ways from Laurence and Horo, though Laurence gave them each a piece of Etherum as a reward, with Pariah gaining a clear, Sephira a green, Drorock a yellow, and Ghesh a red. They can’t cash them in here, however, and elected to move forward into the mountains, onto the Haven Providence, and perhaps eventually into the Kalth region.

Game 4

Moving further into the strange cave, the party first finds a pool of water. It is clearly attached to the pond in the town, and Pariah swims down and unlocks the rusted gate between the two pools.

Moving into the next room, Sephira narrowly avoids getting pincushioned by a trap, but is saved by Ghesh who noticed at the last moment. He scolds her to be more watchful. They find a door at the end of the hall ajar, with a Kobold priest telling his followers that the Mistress was pleased with their progress, and they would be justly rewarded after taking the town.

Ghesh tricks Sephira with promise of a fluffy tail, and she bursts into the room, where a fight breaks out. It’s a long and tiring fight for both sides, but eventually the party manages to wear down their opponents. Before finishing off the priest, Ghesh briefly talks with him, where he is told that as a ‘highborn’, he has ‘forgotten his place’ and has ‘betrayed his kind’. He threatened that his Mistress would enjoy feasting on his bones, before Ghesh was forced to finish him before he got to his spear.

Again, no money to be found, though Pariah did find a robe of resistance and bone mask, both on the priest.

Game 3

The players set off from the ruined tower, now that the rains have slowed and stopped. Everyone in the party is sleepy and quiet, with Apothos healing from his grievous wounds in the back of the wagon, while Laurence wonders why everyone seems so tired.

Crossing the stream that befuddled them before, the sleepy party walks right into an ambush, where Kobolds push a rock slide onto the path, covering them and causing the wagon to get stuck. While Laurence and Horo work to dig the wagon out, Sephira and Ghesh move forward to face the attackers. A mob of Kobolds and a Stormclaw Scorpion attack then, where they are bloodied but manage to push them off.

Meanwhile, in Timberdale, a young Causticsoul Genasi Summoner named Pariah has been investigating a series of missing persons cases of the local town guard. Recently arrived in town, he is asked to look for what is going on in town, and he agrees. Heading down the path east out of town, he runs into the others, where he manages to fight off the rearguard Kobold forces. After meeting the party, he leads them to town, giving them a run down of whats been happening in the past few days.

Entering town, Laurence notes that no one seems overly happy to see a new merchant, which he finds unusual. After coming to the town square, he tells the others that it will take him some time to make a sale, especially considering the current state of the town’s mood. He parts with Horo, and they head off to the mayors house to negotiate a sale.

The others head to the local tavern, where they discuss what is going on and Sephira accidentally accuses a local woman of being a cannibal. She reacts strongly to this, and it comes out that she is the wife of one of the local guards who has disappeared, Henry. She tells her tale, that they are a pair of retired adventures from the Keth region, and settled here after for a quiet retreat. She tells the party that things started a few days ago, when the town watch noticed some strange things in the area.

First, the local pond had been acting up, and was much cooler then usual, and the second there was a strange cave spotted to the west end of the valley. Pariah investigates the pond, to find a strange gate covering a hole in the ground, while Ghesh goes to the local item shop to talk with the blacksmith. He decides against getting some healing points, and instead gets a helmet. As the leaves, the smith tells him to bring back any exotic materials he finds later, and he’ll try to make something interesting with them.

Ghesh and Pariah later go to investigate the small cave, where they find a pale, milky white scale. They return to where Sephira is talking with the old lady, and discuss what it might be. Deciding that there might well be a threat to the town nearby, they decide to go investigate further.

After some horseplay by they two boys, Sephira finds a small wicker door, covered by the dirt of the wall. Opening it, they find a series of tunnels leading deeper into the mountain. Part way in, they find an odd string running along the ground, which Sephira touches to set off and Ghesh cuts. The sound of a bell is head coming from down the hall, where they investigate.

There is a room full of Kobolds, which they fight and defeat. One almost gets away, but Sephira cuts it down, Pariah has fun with his Summoned Fire Warrior before it is defeated, and Ghesh fights an endless wall of minions who bar his path.

The session ends there, with Ghesh wondering why there is no treasure to be found.

Game 2

Picking up where we left off, the party, now reduced to simply Ghesh and Sephira, meet Laurence’s traveling companion Horo outside with the wagon. After meeting them, Horo eats an apple and falls asleep in the back of the wagon.

Moving outside the town, the party travels west, and begins heading up the Russ mountains. Along the way, they are confronted by a man wearing an official looking cloak, demanding that they pay a toll of 200 gold or be arrested by the city guard. They think this sounds suspicious, and resist. Ghesh tells the man that he would rather eat the man then pay, and Sephira cries about the state of the man’s tale, figuring him to be an official guard. She then notices that the man’s armor is rusted and worn, and takes it as a measure of how little town guards are paid. Laurence mentions to Ghesh that the man’s tale seems suspicious, and they force the man into whistling for help.

He calls for aid, and a Spiretop Drake enters the field, trying to take a chunk out of Ghesh’s head. Ghesh and Sephira move forward to confront the two while Laurence keeps the horse calm and Horo sleeps in the back of the cart. After a furious round of combat, the man whistles again and he is reinforced by a squad of four Kobolds.

Meanwhile, Apothus is left behind by the Kobolds when the hear the man’s call. He is tied up in the camp of the muggers, and manages to get out of his bonds and recover his equipment. Following the Kobolds, he see the scene on the road, where he quickly jumps in and helps out. Ghesh torches the Drake, while the party deals with the man and the kobolds. He nearly takes out Sephira, but she manages to finish him off before he does.

Afterwards, the party greets Apothus, where he mentions that he was heading to town to look for work before he was attacked by muggers. Laurence quickly offers him a job, seeing an opportunity for another strong arm, and Apothus accepts.

Later that night, the weather turns to rain, coming down hard in the beginning of Ioon, the Season of Rain. The party decides to press forward through the rain for a bit, before coming upon a flooded stream that had escaped its bounds and covered the path. They quickly decide that attempting to cross the stream with the wagon would prove disastrous, and Horo finally proves her worth by finding an old tower keep for them to take shelter in. Settling into an entryway with the wagon, the party quickly falls asleep, leaving Apothus on watch.

He explores some, and hears a chittering sound coming from inside the tower. Going into the door a little to examine it, the sounds stop. He goes back to wake Sephira to tell her about what he heard, only for them to find nothing later on. As they turn to go back to the others, they hear a wet, organic sounding slap behind them as something falls to the floor. Returning quickly, they find Horo awake, wondering where they had gone off to.

Explaining the situation, Sephira gets locked in the dark in the hallway behind them, where she feels her fingers tingle from a strange substance that she puts her hand into. Calling for the others, they open the door to find a strange, jelly-like creature attempting to eat her hand. Feeling the light, the creature moves off, while the others follow it back to a large open room in the tower. They poke it a few times, while exploring the room, attempting to decide what to do with the creature. They find a pile of nails and metal bands in the corner of the room, and decide that the creature must have eaten the wood that the items had been made of. While Sephira returns to wake Ghesh, in an attempt to have him set fire to the creature, Apothus examines the stairs and finds a ruined body on the balcony, from some creature of unknown origin.

After some discussion of what to do with the ooze creature, Ghesh breaths some fire on it, causing it to spook and slide off. Apothus tosses the body down, and the creature eats it, turning much less translucent then it did before. By this point, the others move up the steps to figure out what is upstairs, curious over what else is in the building.

They find the upstairs is much more cluttered, and filled with broken chairs, tables, cloth, and other odds and ends. They open the first two doors and find them both filled with a total of 6 goblins, who get poisoned, flamed, and electrocuted before giving up. Moving upwards, they find that the rest of the goblins have heard them, and are much more prepared then their brethren. They have taken the chance to set up terrain and cover, and mob the party when they enter.

A mob of goblins hold up the party long enough for two with javelins to deal some strong damage, while a goblin archer in the back leaped upon the back of a large size Tangler Beetle. He rode it around the room, firing crossbow bolts, while the other goblins fought the party. They quickly dealt critical damage to Apothus, who had to be covered by Sephira, while Ghesh held the center. Horo proved her combat abilities by changing into a wolf and pouncing on the beetle, only to be tied up by it’s sticky webbing.

While Apothus dealt with the remaining goblins, Ghesh and Sephira moved onto the Beetle and it’s rider, and helped Horo overwhelm the enormous insect. After an blast of light from Ghesh and a furious assault from Horo, they managed to down the beast, cutting down it’s rider when it tried to flee.

After finishing their exploration, they move downstairs, only to find that the bodies falling from two stories up had become a feast, and now there were two oozes below. They left them be, and returned to their interrupted rest.

Game 1

The players met in the small town of Mistvale, in the tavern of the Quilted Feather. They were each unknown, renting a room there for the night for various reasons. Penansh “Pen” Spindleskin is a wandering warrior, of sorts, testing his strength and mettle against any comers. Dorock Ironrum is a freelance bard, who is making his way in the world doing odd jobs and other work. Ghesh is a just coming of age Saurean, setting out into the world as per family tradition, out to make a name for himself. And Sephira Stratus is a young Gem Knight in training, fresh out of the convent, out to re-forge her father’s broken greatsword.

A fight broke out over the attentions of the tavern barmaid, and the party intervened eventually. Sephira accidentally placed a bet, and the party dealt with the drunken ruffians that were causing trouble. Afterwords, they were called by a man named Laurence, a wandering merchant. He quickly made the party a deal, for them to act as his guards as he makes a trip through the Russ Mountains. He had heard that there was trouble, of late, especially in the area of Timberdale, the next town to the west of Mistvale.

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