World of Astra

Game 1

The players met in the small town of Mistvale, in the tavern of the Quilted Feather. They were each unknown, renting a room there for the night for various reasons. Penansh “Pen” Spindleskin is a wandering warrior, of sorts, testing his strength and mettle against any comers. Dorock Ironrum is a freelance bard, who is making his way in the world doing odd jobs and other work. Ghesh is a just coming of age Saurean, setting out into the world as per family tradition, out to make a name for himself. And Sephira Stratus is a young Gem Knight in training, fresh out of the convent, out to re-forge her father’s broken greatsword.

A fight broke out over the attentions of the tavern barmaid, and the party intervened eventually. Sephira accidentally placed a bet, and the party dealt with the drunken ruffians that were causing trouble. Afterwords, they were called by a man named Laurence, a wandering merchant. He quickly made the party a deal, for them to act as his guards as he makes a trip through the Russ Mountains. He had heard that there was trouble, of late, especially in the area of Timberdale, the next town to the west of Mistvale.


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