World of Astra

Game 3

The players set off from the ruined tower, now that the rains have slowed and stopped. Everyone in the party is sleepy and quiet, with Apothos healing from his grievous wounds in the back of the wagon, while Laurence wonders why everyone seems so tired.

Crossing the stream that befuddled them before, the sleepy party walks right into an ambush, where Kobolds push a rock slide onto the path, covering them and causing the wagon to get stuck. While Laurence and Horo work to dig the wagon out, Sephira and Ghesh move forward to face the attackers. A mob of Kobolds and a Stormclaw Scorpion attack then, where they are bloodied but manage to push them off.

Meanwhile, in Timberdale, a young Causticsoul Genasi Summoner named Pariah has been investigating a series of missing persons cases of the local town guard. Recently arrived in town, he is asked to look for what is going on in town, and he agrees. Heading down the path east out of town, he runs into the others, where he manages to fight off the rearguard Kobold forces. After meeting the party, he leads them to town, giving them a run down of whats been happening in the past few days.

Entering town, Laurence notes that no one seems overly happy to see a new merchant, which he finds unusual. After coming to the town square, he tells the others that it will take him some time to make a sale, especially considering the current state of the town’s mood. He parts with Horo, and they head off to the mayors house to negotiate a sale.

The others head to the local tavern, where they discuss what is going on and Sephira accidentally accuses a local woman of being a cannibal. She reacts strongly to this, and it comes out that she is the wife of one of the local guards who has disappeared, Henry. She tells her tale, that they are a pair of retired adventures from the Keth region, and settled here after for a quiet retreat. She tells the party that things started a few days ago, when the town watch noticed some strange things in the area.

First, the local pond had been acting up, and was much cooler then usual, and the second there was a strange cave spotted to the west end of the valley. Pariah investigates the pond, to find a strange gate covering a hole in the ground, while Ghesh goes to the local item shop to talk with the blacksmith. He decides against getting some healing points, and instead gets a helmet. As the leaves, the smith tells him to bring back any exotic materials he finds later, and he’ll try to make something interesting with them.

Ghesh and Pariah later go to investigate the small cave, where they find a pale, milky white scale. They return to where Sephira is talking with the old lady, and discuss what it might be. Deciding that there might well be a threat to the town nearby, they decide to go investigate further.

After some horseplay by they two boys, Sephira finds a small wicker door, covered by the dirt of the wall. Opening it, they find a series of tunnels leading deeper into the mountain. Part way in, they find an odd string running along the ground, which Sephira touches to set off and Ghesh cuts. The sound of a bell is head coming from down the hall, where they investigate.

There is a room full of Kobolds, which they fight and defeat. One almost gets away, but Sephira cuts it down, Pariah has fun with his Summoned Fire Warrior before it is defeated, and Ghesh fights an endless wall of minions who bar his path.

The session ends there, with Ghesh wondering why there is no treasure to be found.


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