World of Astra

Game 4

Moving further into the strange cave, the party first finds a pool of water. It is clearly attached to the pond in the town, and Pariah swims down and unlocks the rusted gate between the two pools.

Moving into the next room, Sephira narrowly avoids getting pincushioned by a trap, but is saved by Ghesh who noticed at the last moment. He scolds her to be more watchful. They find a door at the end of the hall ajar, with a Kobold priest telling his followers that the Mistress was pleased with their progress, and they would be justly rewarded after taking the town.

Ghesh tricks Sephira with promise of a fluffy tail, and she bursts into the room, where a fight breaks out. It’s a long and tiring fight for both sides, but eventually the party manages to wear down their opponents. Before finishing off the priest, Ghesh briefly talks with him, where he is told that as a ‘highborn’, he has ‘forgotten his place’ and has ‘betrayed his kind’. He threatened that his Mistress would enjoy feasting on his bones, before Ghesh was forced to finish him before he got to his spear.

Again, no money to be found, though Pariah did find a robe of resistance and bone mask, both on the priest.


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