World of Astra

Game 5

Clearing the room with the Wormpriest and his followers, the party moves onto what appears to be a kitchen area. Sephira once again bursts inward, finding that there is no fluffy things to cuddle with once again. She does, however, find a number of kobolds who are annoyed that she has interrupted their meals.

Moving the engage the room of hungry eaters, Ghesh moved in to flame most of the minor kobolds quickly. Sephira moved to take on the Kobold butcher, while Pariah moved to open the cell doors and release the prisoners that they found locked into the south end of the room. The Butcher got in a couple good hits, as did the guards that fought Ghesh, while on minor kobold stabbed Pariah in the side with a fork. They went down quickly, though, allowing the party to release Drorock Copperbrew and the two town guards that they had been looking for. Along the way, Sephira upgraded her sword, gaining the Brutal 1 property from the butcher’s cleaver.

Drorock was happy to be freed, and vowed to help the party with revenge, while the two guards were just happy to not be grilled for information any longer. Sephira volunteered to help escort the guards back to town while the other three moved on, looking for the ‘Mistress’ that the priest had mentioned earlier.

Moving deeper, they found that the hallways had been cloaked in shadow, though the torches had been recently put out and were still smoking, probably from the one kobold who had gotten away earlier. They moved on, with Pariah providing a magical light, and eventually found the storage rooms, where they confused and then quickly subdued two guards. They found food and some potions inside.

Meanwhile, Sephira walked to two town guards out, where the man Henry was greeted by his wife, Rebeca. They had a tearful reunion, while Sephira was given a bowl of soup in thanks and purchased a drink for Ghesh. On the way back to the cave, she had a peaceful moment chasing a butterfly, relaxing and regaining a daily power.

The rest of the party moved deeper in, and found the room where the mistress of the kobolds was. They heard the noises of a kobold yelling about intruders, then was abruptly cut off by being eaten. Entering the room, they were confronted by a young white dragon, who told her followers to dispose of the intruders. This started a climatic battle, where Ghesh confronted one of the dragons stronger, two blade using fighters, while the other two dealt with minions. The dragon herself soon entered the fray, and quickly knocked both Pariah and Drorock into low health with a combination of vicious claw attacks and a pair of well timed breath attacks.

The party was looking grim, when Sephira rejoined, coming in and swinging the tide of battle drastically. The dragon was taken down, along with most of her followers, in a couple of tense turns, with only one of the Slyblades managed to get away. The threat to the city defeated, the party gathered the hoard of silver the dragon had amassed, collected a diamond for each of them, and found a wand for Pariah and a healer’s axe for Ghesh.

Heading back to town, they returned the loot for some extra exp, was given the first modification from the local blacksmith (White Dragon Fang, which gives +1 Cold damage), and gained there first title, “Dragon Slayer”, which only Drorock and Pariah accepted. They also parted ways from Laurence and Horo, though Laurence gave them each a piece of Etherum as a reward, with Pariah gaining a clear, Sephira a green, Drorock a yellow, and Ghesh a red. They can’t cash them in here, however, and elected to move forward into the mountains, onto the Haven Providence, and perhaps eventually into the Kalth region.


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