World of Astra

Game 7

A long and winding path...

Diving into the room of skeletons, the party helps Juriana and Trillian fight off their attackers. They realize that the undead are being led by a gnome in the back of the room, and attempt to go after him before he gets away. He flees out the back, and they pause long enough to heal before going after him.

In the next room, they find a large alter, again to Unis Mundi. Looking around, they find that the main statue in the back has been pushed aside, leading to a crudely carved tunnel leading upwards out the back of the Byway.

Heading up the tunnel, they find an hovel of a house, with a wizened old lady stirring a large stew pot. After some discussion with here, where she appears to be crazy, she asks them to gather a herb for her, known as the Moonlit Bough. They agree to this, before heading out into an old cave system. They pause for a long rest, before packing up and exploring a little.

Heading in the direction she indicated, they find an old, crystalline cavern, being mined out by large hob-goblins. After tense negotions, they are allowed access to back to the cavern, where there was a patch of Moonlit Bough found growing there. They return to the old lady and give it to her, and afterward she gives them three bottles of Thunder Scorpion Poison.

Looking around a little, they decide to look more for the other three memebers of Juri and Trillian’s team. Going down one path, they find an underground grave room, filled with bodies. The gnome is spotted in there, and weapons are drawn.


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