The calendar of Astra is broken into six primary seasons, with one additional six day period at the end of the year. The months are Ven (a dry, drought filled season), Sow (a cool, windy season suitable for planting crops), Ioon (a wet, humid season with lots of rain), Blay (a hot season, where most of the plants grow into full bloom), Reap (a warm, quiet season, suited to festivals and collecting the bounty of the earth), and then Fel (a cold, snow covered season). There is one further season, Los, also known as the ‘Lost Days’ or ‘Forgotten Week’. Unlike the other, regular seasons, Los is only six days long.

It is further divided from there, with each season consisting of sixty days, broken into six weeks. Each Astral week is ten days long, with each day being 24 hours. Hours are 60 minutes of 60 seconds. Each round of combat is considered to be 6 seconds long, making for 10 rounds of combat per minute.

Individual days of the week are are as follows. Unis, Daal, Tet, Quon, Pent, Selv, Dran, Jeem, Viri, Morg.

Une is the first day of the week, and is considered a good time to begin projects one wishes to work on the rest of the week. Dal is the second, and is considered a day of hard work, loyalty to your obligations, and offering to help friends. Trae is the third day of the week, and is the day of musicians, poets, and other creative ventures. Quon, the fourth day, is a day of battle and perseverance, of struggling continuously forward and finishing jobs started earlier in the week. Penta is the fifth day, and is a day of learning, enrichment, and training. And Silx is the last day of the week, generally reserved for relaxation and introspection on the previous week’s events. There are ten weeks each season, broken into the six days. They are simply known as which week in the season they fall. They are “First”, “Second”, “Third”, “Fourth”, “Fifth”, “Sixth”, “Seventh”, “Eighth”, “Ninth”, and “Last”. This is placed between the Season and the Day, so the fifth day of the third week of the third season would be Ioon Third Penta, or Third Penta if the season is understood, or simply Penta or even “next Penta” if the week and season are both mutually known. Val First Une is the first day of the year, and is sometimes celebrated as the birth of a new year. For Los, this means that each day is simply known as the day of the week, so Los Une is the first day of the last month, and Los Silx is the final day of the year.

The current year is the 76th year of the New Revised Calendar, or 76NR. This represents the 76th year after the fall of the Elven Host and the introduction of the Humans. The previous calender, the Celestial Year, was developed by the elves, and was quite similar to the current NRC. The primary difference was the omission of Los; it is suspected that while the Elves knew about these days, they somehow hide them from the rest of their slave races. Each month, however, also appears to have had an additional day added at the end. The Celestial Year is assumed to have started on the first year of dominion of the Elvish Host, though this is now thought to have been inflated somewhat, even with the longer lifespans of elves. The final year of the Celestial Year is 1253CY; for ease of use, that corresponds to -1NR, which was established at the start of the new year.


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