Ethereal Winds

The Ethereal Winds of Magic are the natural phenomena that creatures tap into to allow them tricks of sorcery and the supernatural. They are a naturally occurring flow of magic that originates from natural sources in the world, and blow across the landscape. They only partially follow the laws of physical structures; while a mountain range might be dominated by dense pools of Crimson Wind, towns and man-made structures might not slow them at all, and the breeze might cut through wood, stone, and flesh as if it were an open prairie. From what little we know of them, it seems to be a matter of permanence; a fresh city or active volcanic peak might not cause much obstruction, but ancient forests or the Havens of yore would be covered in strips and pools of magic caught on it’s edges.

There are six known Ethereal Winds, with a seventh… opposite which results in the absence of any of the six. Those are as follows;

Luminous Wind, a light, dancing wind of light, warmth, harshness, and unblinking radiant power. Its attendant gods are Asha, the Pale and Bahamut, the Platinum.

Black Wind, a dark, subtle wind, cool and crafty, the domain of dreams, hopes, illusions, and fates. It is upheld by The Raven Queen and The Prophet.

Crimson Wind, a brash hot wind, very bold and naturally dominant, which always tends to drift to the top in any mixture of winds. It is jealously held by Tiamat, the Chromatic, and Ignatio, the Pure.

Celestial Wind, a mysterious, high wind, found in the tips of mountain peaks and dancing among the clouds, it holds secrets and whispers of far off lands in its embrace. It is studied by both Unis Mundi, High Magistra, and Somerled the Nomad.

Spring Wind, a cool and somewhat demanding wind, it brings both healing waters and harsh winter snows in it’s wake. It is endured by Eira, the Frozen Damsel and Singulos Prime.

Verdant Wind, a life-giving wind and vital force of nature, it brings the birds and seeds and the breath of life in its wake. It is cultivated by Lyra-Avani, the Twins, and Iren, the Earthen Father.

Void, not so much a wind as the opposite, the Void appears when Winds are used and drained from an area, due to natural effects or most commonly when magic is used. That tends to drain the Ethereal Winds from a local area, leaving a… absence of magic power in its wake. The Void CAN be shaped and used by mages, but it’s structure is so alien and opposite the normal rules of magic that most don’t have the training or inclination to try. Metalia, Queen of the Void and her followers tend to be the only ones who focus extensively on trying to master this anti-force.

Ethereal Winds

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