Gods of Astra

There are 13 primary gods in the Astral Pantheon, loosely linked into a Lord and Lady for each of the six Ethereal Winds, with a final Lady ruling the Void. Though they are paired, each god has their own focus and agenda, and may rarely work with their linked god. The gods are as follows.

Asha, the Pale: Lady of the Luminous Wind, she has domain over Light, Life, and Healing.

Bahamut, the Platinum: Lord of the Luminous Wind, his domains include Law, Justice, and Protection.

The Prophet: Lord of the Black Wind, he controls the realms of Dreams, Hope, Prophesy, and Illusion.

The Raven Queen: Lady of the Black Wind, her focus is on the Dark, Death, Fate, and Promises.

Tiamat, the Chromatic: Lady of the Crimson Wind, she watches over Greed, Conflict, Cunning, and Trickery.

Ignatio, the Pure: Lord of the Crimson Wind, he prefers Love, Emotion, Art, and Chivalrous Deeds.

Unis Mundi: Lady of the Celestial Wind, her dominion includes Magic, Gravity, and Secrets.

Somerled the Nomad: Lord of the Celestial Wind, he pushes for Change, Luck, Travel, Trade, and Time.

Singulos: Lord of the Spring Wind, he calculates the effects of Invention, Creation, and Civilization.

Eira, the Frigid Damsel: Lady of the Spring Wind, her watch is over that of the Cold, Storms, Hard Work, and Endurance.

Lord Iren: Lord of the the Verdant Wind, he protects Duty, Families, Skill, and Agriculture.

Lyra-Avani: Lady of the Verdant Wind, she cultivates Nature, Instinct, and Freedom.

Metalia, Queen of the Void: Lady ruler of the Void, she has no consort, and rules over aspects of Destruction, Chaos, and Entropy.

Gods of Astra

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