Average Height / Weight: 3’ 6˝ – 4’ 0˝ / 60-75 lbs.

Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity

Size: Small

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Draconic

Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Thievery

Trap Sense: You gain a +2 bonus to defenses against traps.

Shifty: You can use shifty as an at-will power.
Shifty You skitter and scamper through the ranks of your enemies, much to their chagrin. At-Will, Minor action Effect: You shift 1 square.

Commonly seen in ancient ruins and temples, kobolds are fiercely protective of their ruined homes. They are surprisingly clever, and seem to have some skill in keeping the ruins to good repair, though their love of trapmaking does tend to warp the original designs. Despite this, they are not to be underestimated, and are a not an unintelligent people. They also have keeps in the Kalth Sea, and are decent sailors, being small enough to maneuver through the small confines of ships, and tough enough to take the punishment of storms and other natural events.

Kobolds can also be found outside of their ‘homes’, normally adventuring or exploring the outside world. These quests are usually for something specific the tribe needs, such as Ethrum to power a failing device or a spell to repair an ancient seal. Other times, it is to run away or get revenge, when a tribe is destroyed by some means, like questing adventurers.

Closely related to both Dragons and Dragonborn, many see the two in drastically different views. Dragons are seen as ultimate paragons of their race, and are something that all Kobolds aspire to become. A commonly held religious tenet is that of reincarnation, believing that Bahamut or Tiamat will look warmly on devout followers and grant a kobold a more powerful form at death. The Dragonborn, however, are seen as breaking away from this cycle, and represent a less palatable view; that kobolds are locked into their forms of birth, and the best they can aspire to be is a base, non-magical creature.


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