Average Height and Weight: 3’5" – 4’ 5" / 80 – 100 lbs.

Ability Scores: Choose +2 to either Constitution or Intelligence. The other gets +1.

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 feet

Vision: Normal, Blind Sight 10 (Ignore obscured squares or invisibility within 10 feet). At level 11 this becomes Blind Sight 20.

Languages: Common

Skill Bonuses: Trained in Arcana

Ethereal Buffer: Whenever you regain hit points from a power with the Healing keyword, conscious allies within 10 feet gain hit points equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Cleansing Lattice: Your lattice spreads wide and glows, while streams of elemental energy are sapped off the hostile attack | Reaction, 10 feet burst (centered on you), once per rest. | Trigger: One or more of your allies is hit by a Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Poison attack. | Effect: Your allies within 10 feet of you gain Resistance against that damage type until the end of your next turn. |

Lenelle are a race of artificial creatures, whose original purpose is now long unknown, outside of their connection to the Winds of Ether that fill the world. Physically, they are similar to yet different from human. At first glance they look like shorter, more slender humans, with both males and females tending to the four foot range with hair and skin tones close to human shades. The first major change is their lattice; a ethereal, wing- or cape-like pattern of light that projects from their back and shoulders. It appears as a pattern of lights like a tapestry of delicate lace, other times swirls and whorls of colors like a painters brush. Each lattice is unique for each lenelle, acting as a ‘fingerprint’ of sorts for the race. Though they may suppress it’s appearance though concentration, it normally flows behind the lenelle, appearing though clothing and air like a ghost. Though it’s purpose is somehow connected to their ability to direct the Winds of magic, little is known of the specifics. It is noted, however, that doing so tends to light up and fill the lattice with fuller and brighter light, so it may act as a focus or battery of sorts.

The other major difference from humans is the eyes of the lenelle; their iris shifts and change color, rarely holding any single color for long, appearing as a swirl of color or a spill of oil on water. Why this happens is unknown, though it does not appear to hinder their sight in anyway. The old wives tales theory is that it is somehow a reflection of the Winds of Ether in the air, flowing through their body like they do with everyone and everything. If that is the case, the colors would indicate the amount and composition of the magic in the area, allowing one to check the current environment with a glance at the nearest lenelle. The lenelle have long since made their split from the human race, and are their servants no more. Able to expand their lands and reproduce like any other race, they have since made their place in the world, and prove to be a race not to underestimate.


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