Sea of Kalth

The Sea of Kalth, sometimes called the Endless Isles, is a large in-land fresh water lake, home to many different people and cultures. It is found in a large valley, with mountains to the sides and a general slope downward towards the sea. The northern end of the Sea has a series of waterfalls and underground streams that seem to feed into the Sea, while the Southern end splits into a few streams, rivers, and smaller lakes.

A long, some what narrow featured water body, the sea is home to many various towns, cities, and even floating city-states. Most of these places belong to the Kalthic League; a organization of allied states that works as the governing body of the Kalth Sea. The League is a riotous bunch, with each state in the League for various reasons; trade partners, protection, or perhaps simple intimation, they each have their own agenda.

Many, though not all, cities on the Sea use the naming convention of “Kalth” and then the individual name, many times the person who settled the town or other important individual. Kalth-Suyin, Kalth-Varnholst, and Kalth-Royal are three notable city-states on the Sea.

Much of the economy on the Sea of Kalthth is through ship-based trading, with fishing and Ethrum crystal production as two major facets of trade. As a central feature of the continent, most creatures will pass through the sea at some point in their lives, and it is usually by ship that it is done.

Sea of Kalth

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