Trillian Wyndon

Appearance: Trillian is a tall, willowy Kisou female. Possessing vulpine features, she has a slightly longer nose the usual, with small wolf ears perched on her head and a single curling tail. She has short pale fur, off set by dark, almost purple highlights. She wears simple traveling gear, and has a rifle and a pair of kukri’s at her hip. She also has a small, pale bluish-white squirrel-like creature named Cherise, which follows her everywhere.

Possessions: Cherise, her wedding ring

Quote: “Have you seen this man?”

Age & Birth Date: 23,

Race/ Gender: Longtooth Kisou, Female

Cheris is a small, pale blue-white creature called a Manou. The loyal companion of Trillian’s husband, she was left the creature when he disappeared. Cheris is a hardy little companion, and will stick by Trillian’s side until they find the man they are looking for…

Trillian Wyndon

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